Thursday, April 21, 2011

La Brasserie Street

In this city, there's always a new restaurant you must visit. Sometimes, after 1 year of repeating the same phrase, you still haven't patronised the place with your presence. This street cart is part of a restaurant that has been at the top of our list for a long time. Even on their one year anniversary, we greedily enjoyed the free beer and free tidbits they had cooked, such as roast suckling pig sandwiches and real Belgian fries, but have not yet paid them back by throwing some money at them. Yesterday, we got a chance to give back a little. The restaurant is a Franco- German bistro serving such traditional fare as Onglet steak and fries and suckling pig.
The cart serves two things: a sandwich stuffed full of beer-brined rotisserie chicken in gravy on a buttermilk bun with crispy fried onions and 'the world's best butter tarts'. I had the sandwich, Neil had a tart.

The sandwich had probably an entire chicken breast inside, juicy with huge pieces smothered in a tasty, savoury gravy. Real chicken, just carved, the beer brine just hinted at, although I wish they'd included some crispy skin, because that's where all the flavour really intensifies, but no matter, that's my personal preference.

The crispy onions were a great contrast to the soft, floury bun and juicy, succulent chicken, overall really good value for money and a great advertisement for their restaurant, because I really want to visit now. I couldn't even finish the sandwich after the taco and a few bites of hot dog, which is unusual for me.

And the World's best butter tart? Neil offered no comments and I, forgetting to ask, was too engrossed in chicken and bun. You'll have to try this one for yourself.

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